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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Arrest of Notorious Tijuana Alien Smuggler Successful through Bi-National Enforcement Efforts

Border Patrol commends Mexican Government for significant apprehension
Monday, June 23, 2008

San Diego — Two-and-a-half years of cooperation, communication and intelligence sharing between the Border Patrol and Mexican law enforcement authorities led to the arrest of a well-known leader of a Tijuana alien smuggling organization earlier this month.

Jose Luis Naranjo-Ramirez, better known as “El Sorga,” was arrested and held in Tijuana by Mexican Federal law enforcement officials for organized crime and human trafficking charges on June 5.

Prior to the arrest, Naranjo was one of the most-wanted illegal alien smugglers on both sides of the border. He is the alleged leader of the highly-structured “Linea 13” smuggling organization, which operates primarily out of the Colonia Libertad area in Tijuana. “Linea 13” is notorious for using strong-arm smuggling tactics that have risked the lives of many illegal aliens since the early 1990s.

San Diego Sector Deputy Chief Patrol Agent Richard Barlow said, “This important arrest would not have taken place without exceptional bi-national cooperation and exchange of information. I would like to thank the Attorney General of Mexico and Mexican law enforcement authorities for their efforts to further alleviate all threats from entering our country.”

Since the beginning of fiscal year 2007 San Diego Sector Border Patrol agents have apprehended over 110,164 illegal aliens and seized more than 36,844 pounds of marijuana.

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