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Providing the news from a different front but from a war that we must win as well! I recognize the poverty and desperate conditions that many Latinos live in. We, as the USA, have a responsibility to do as much as we can to reach out to aid and assist spiritually with the Gospel and naturally with training, technology and resources. But poverty gives no one the right to break the laws of another sovereign nation.

Monday, June 23, 2008

17 people found dehydrated in desert near Gila Bend

by Senta Scarborough - Jun. 22, 2008 06:30 PM

The Arizona Republic

Seventeen people, including four suffering severe dehydration, have been taken to local hospitals after they flagged down motorists for help along Arizona 85 near Gila Bend Sunday afternoon, U.S. Border Patrol officials said.

A 26-year-old woman and her two children were among the group, said Rob Daniels, a Border Patrol spokesman.

Border Patrol officials are still investigating the incident, but preliminary information leads them to believe the people were undocumented immigrants who crossed the border illegally just west of Lukeville.

A resident reported that people were trying to get assistance from passing motorists around noon at mile marker No. 9, Border Patrol spokesman Mario Escalante said.

The Border Patrol responded to the area and found 17 people suffering from dehydration. The high in Gila Bend on Sunday was 115.

"Most of the people were in pretty bad shape," Escalante said. "At this time, their safety and well-being is our first priority."

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