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Providing the news from a different front but from a war that we must win as well! I recognize the poverty and desperate conditions that many Latinos live in. We, as the USA, have a responsibility to do as much as we can to reach out to aid and assist spiritually with the Gospel and naturally with training, technology and resources. But poverty gives no one the right to break the laws of another sovereign nation.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Top prosecutors in Ariz., Mexico target smuggling

Sean Holstege

The Arizona Republic
Mar. 14, 2008 12:00 AM

Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard says a new pact among top U.S. and Mexican prosecutors ushers in "a new era" of clamping down on international smuggling and points to a Phoenix murder case as proof.

Investigators on both sides of the border are teaming up to find a Phoenix drophouse killer who is involved in a Mexican human-smuggling ring, Goddard said. He declined to provide any more details, but said it's the first time a joint investigation has been conducted in the two countries before an arrest.

The case reflects agreements between U.S. and Mexican prosecutors that were cemented at a three-day conference in Phoenix earlier this week. Officials from the two countries vowed to cooperate on cases involving drug smugglers, gun runners, coyotes, stolen cars and laundered money.

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